my thoughts on the DH

Mariam’s blog about blogs gave me insight into the usefulness of digital humanities while providing me an example of a digital project. The question she set out to answer was what are the digital humanities and how to people use them. To do so she compiled a list of useful sites that detail various digital projects’ methods and benefits. In the end she had crafted a sort of digital humanities toolbox. And this is just one of the many types of digital projects.


I set out on my exploration of the digital humanities bringing with me all my previous knowledge, so none. the URLs we investigated in class gave me a clue as to what the field of digital humanities actually was: databases, maps, and piles of information made to be user friendly; the digital humanities isn’t such a scary place. I learned we all are digital humanists when we use Microsoft excel to compile information and word search on websites; at least we’re on one end of the spectrum. The deeper we dive into the field the more up the spectrum of digital humanities we move.

I never have been the most tech savvy (other than compared to my parents), and navigating through the digital age has not been easy because of it. By dissecting these digital projects I am better able to call myself a millennial. For example, before today I never viewed Twitter as a DH project, which got me thinking. The article that talked about the class that covered how to maintain a professional online persona is kind of similar to what we’re doing with this blog actually. instead of talking the talk we are challenged to walk the walk. This blog gives me a chance to knowingly participate in the DH community for the first time in my life. Starting from ground zero I plunge into this new world!


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